The importance and development of safety awareness with soft skills in industrial environment




In the 21st century digitization and online presence affect all areas and stages of life. Everyone becomes a user of the virtual world, both in the professional and in everyday life. There is an increasing priority for the safe use of cyberspace, for a conscious presence. The 21st century and digital evolution expect new attitudes and skill changes in all areas of life, be it the private sector, the workplace or education. With the current methods, the education system often fails to prepare young workers for the new work environment, so it is relevant that we also find the right way to form. As the young people of Generation Z and Alpha already look at the new cyber world from a completely different perspective, we can change their way of thinking and develop their skills differently, facilitating the due process of lifelong learning and development. The expectations and needs of the labour market are forced to change. The reasons for the change are the revolutionized environmental impacts, cybersecurity threats and the transformation of the generational characteristics of employees. The current topic of my research is what industry 4.0 employers expect, what gaps they face, what methods they use to keep security awareness at the right level, and how they try to put employees and their workflows into cyberspace. The study goes beyond mapping safety awareness. In addition, it also examines soft skills that may influence or make safety awareness more effective. After all, a person’s attitude can change as their way of thinking changes.

Author Biography

Judit Módné Takács, Óbudai Egyetem

I am working as a master teacher at the Alba Regia Faculty of Engineering of the University of Óbuda, teaching various programming languages and algorithmic skills. During my work, I participated in curriculum development, proofreading and project coordination several times. I am a 1st year PhD student at the Doctoral School of Security Sciences of the University of Óbuda. In my studies, I pay special attention to the development of safety awareness.






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