Learning in an attention-based economy and society


  • Zoltán Szűts Faculty of Pedagogy of Eszterházy Károly Catholic University




This theoretical paper investigates the learning process in a context that has been yet little explored but is extremely important. Learning in the context of the early information society has been studied by several authors but the information society itself has undergone significant changes since the mid-2000s so a new review is in order. The mass emergence of smart devices and the revolution of user-generated content-based social media has led to an attention-based economy and society. In this context, attention is a scarce commodity; smart devices, applications, and platforms compete for it. The attention of users, and learners, has become a value, as it is available only in small quantities. In this context, the concept of learning has to be redefined and a strategy regarding the whole world of schooling has to be prepered, and not just the use of ICT has to be defined. The paper will point out schools have to move beyond an ICT and device-based approach and shift the focus to the limits of human cognitive capacity, the selection and validation of information, and the challenges of high user experience. The starting point is that attention is no longer the gateway to perception and knowledge, and multitasking makes learning difficult.

Author Biography

Zoltán Szűts, Faculty of Pedagogy of Eszterházy Károly Catholic University

Zoltán Szűts is a digital pedagogy, media and information society researcher, habilitated associate professor, dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy of Eszterházy Károly Catholic University, head of the Digital Pedagogy module of the Doctoral School of Education, head of the Department of Educational Innovation. Visiting lecturer at the Hungarian Teacher Training Faculty of the University of Újvidék in Szabadka, member of the Scientific Council of the Ministry of the Interior. He is a fellow of the János Bolyai and New National Excellence Programmes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, a member of the Pedagogical Scientific Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.