Development of Institutional Leadership in the Hungarian Education System


  • Vereckei Judit
  • Benedek András



The study provides a systematic pedagogical overview of the training courses that prepare leaders of Hungary's educational institutions. By education, the authors mean the system established by Act CXC of 2011 on public education and Act LXXX of 2019 on vocational education and training, i.e. the system of educational institutions created by the secession of vocational education and training from public education: i.e. kindergarten, primary and secondary schools (secondary grammar school, vocational grammar school and vocational school), art schools and colleges. The paper also analyses the basic content adequacy of the training, i.e. whether there is a match between the range of management activities and the range of knowledge offered. Given the deficient number of training courses for development purposes besides preparation in the system of educational leaders' training, and as priority is given to the training of the heads of institutions in the public education strategy adopted in 2020, the paper concludes by suggesting that it is time to develop a concept in which preparation, development and training for leadership supervision are interlinked in a complex model of leadership development.

Author Biographies

Vereckei Judit

Judit Vereckei has been working in education management for almost twenty years as the deputy director of an educational institute, the leader of the education department of a county municipality, then a government agency, and currently as the director of a school district center. She started her higher education career as a lecturer at the College of Moderns Business Sciences in Tatabánya. She taught German and kept human management courses. After that, she joined the qualified public education teacher training at the Department for Technical Education of the Budapest University of Technology, where she acted as a study group leader, thesis supervisor, reader, and head of examination committees. She is a PhD student at the Doctoral School of Didactics at ELTE University. 

Benedek András

Prof. Dr. Benedek, András recently leads the Vocational Education and Training Pedagogy Research Group at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. His research keywords: · Vocational Education and Training (VET) · qualification systems · online-collaborative learning · visual learning; Horizon Europe keywords: · Inclusive society. Budapest  University  of  Technonolgy  and  Economics,  Department  of  Technical  Education;  Budapest,  Hungary;






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