In the Intersection of Art-Pedagogy-Psychology


  • Kanczné Nagy Katalin



The study is about presenting the first experiences of the development course that was introduced at János Selye University as an optional subject. Using the tools of the three sciences indicated in the title, in the classes used developmental procedures that bring about positive changes in students' personalities: increasing self-confidence, increasing the effectiveness of social cooperation, strengthening their positive outlook on life, increasing conflict resolution and communication skills, and result in more efficient time management. Experience pedagogy, pedagogical communication, pedagogical-psychology, positive psychology, art therapy and experience therapy applied at the overlap of the disciplines of art, pedagogy and psychology provide opportunities for the enrichment of knowledge and the development of the personality of young adults attending the course. The study summarizes the teacher experience about the first semester implemented using the co-teaching method. It introduces the topics of the lessons and analyzes the students' production. This essay examined the participants’ written expressions, and analyzes their visual creations and collects information about self-expression, thus serving the goals of the research.

Author Biography

Kanczné Nagy Katalin

She works in higher education as an assistant professor. Research areas: dropout of university students, higher education pedagogy,experiential pedagogy, history of vocational training. Workplaces: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, Department of Technical Education, Budapest, Hungary. Selye University, Faculty of Education, Department of Primary and Pre-Scool Education, Komárno, Slovakia.