Sensation seeking scale - results of a teacher research.

Katalin Kanczné Nagy, Agáta Csehi


The study presented here and its results form part of the research among the students of the Faculty of Teacher Education of J. Selye University, which focuses on the study of the causes and background of a dropout. Data collection is performed partly by standardized tests, questionnaires, and partly by self-developed tests. What has been achieved and received so far is pointing out students ’fears and expectations about university life. In the 2019/2020 academic year, we expanded our measurement tools with the Sensation Seeking Scale. A total of 161 teacher candidates were enrolled in this study (full-time 117, 44 correspondents). The questionnaire analyzes the student opinions in 4 dimensions: 1) Thrill and Adventure seeking (SSS-TAS) - searching for fast and dangerous sports, activities, 2)  Experience seeking (SSS-ES) - longing for a new, non-conforming lifestyle with senses or unique vitality, 3) Disinhibition (SSS-DIS) - in which the strongest factor is a dive into drug and sex adventures, and 4) Boredom Susceptibility (SSS-BS) - avoidance of repetition, routine and dull people, intolerance of the tension of invariance. In the present study, we focus on: 1. which dimensions belong to the most common search for experiences among students, and 2. whether there are outstanding differences in relation to each dimension. We do this in order to obtain additional information about the students ’personality profile, values, needs, expectations, and to achieve our objectives outlined above.

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