The way of teaching toward different students' learning styles / Teaching that takes into account different learning styles

Sounantha Phavadee


This article aims at reviewing the literature relates with many articles which have been published from difference scholars regarding the way of teachers teach in different students’ learning styles, from articles collection, which content the good strategies and techniques that teachers use in the classroom.  It consists to difference category of theories and effective methods of teaching to use in suitable for different learning styles. There are theories, methods, techniques and strategies teachers use in the classroom. Here some theories, methods, techniques, and strategies can be matched with just some of students’ learning styles especially some aptitude method that teachers commonly use in a classroom like writing and reading, some kind of technique they have adapted with a different type of students, the strategy to be used by the teacher which it emphasizes on individual differences and to find out match and mismatch of teaching and learning styles. Regarding this concern, the more matching with students’ learning style, the better achieving into the educational goal.

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