The High 5! disability awareness program and its impact on its participants

Monika Dukic, Júlia Mecséri


The attitude towards people with disabilities has been a research topic for a long time. In Hungary a program called High 5! was developed in 2017 for primary and high school students with the aim to develop a positive attitude towards disability issues. Within the framework of the 2017 tender, a questionnaire survey was conducted with 26 candidate schools. Applicant students and mentors had to fill out an input and output questionnaire with the help of which we tried to draw conclusions about the success of the ‘High 5!’ program. The questionnaires were filled out by a total of 535 people, in a non-compliant ratio, so the results obtained were not valid. Nevertheless, we tried to draw statistical conclusions from the responses. Overall, it was found that the knowledge of the students participating in the program did not increase, but there was a positive tendency regarding the emotional aspect of their attitudes.

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