Agile Approach in Higher Education - A collaborative research project report


  • Judit Mihalik



This case study shows how complex future-oriented skills can be developed in higher education. Demonstrating a student collaboration project process, I look at adopting an agile approach in teaching and explain how a mix of methods and tools used to facilitate this type of active learning. Students were encouraged to explore different learning strategies, benefiting from the various forms of cooperation pair- and teamwork. Subsequently they individually published their own studies. Students engaged in work during the course and enjoyed experiencing different learning strategies.

Author Biography

Judit Mihalik

Judit Mihalik was born in Hungary. Studied Philosophy, History, Comparative Literature, and Law at ELTE, Budapest. Holds MA in Communication Studies (1999, ELTE, Budapest), Expert in Foreign Affairs (2005, Corvinus University, Budapest), and PhD in Communication Sciences (2017, Corvinus University, Budapest). In her PhD theses, she proposed a communication approach leadership theory. Her recent researches include different aspects of leadership, narratology, social media, education and science communication. As a practitioner, she held executive positions, experienced in broadcasting and consultancy. She is a PR and HRM professional, public speaker, columnist and freelance university lecturer.