Teachers’ attitudes in terms of using ICT at school


  • András Buda




Although digital technology has more and more impact on our lives, only a smaller part of the teachers use ICT tools regularly at school. Many think that the main reason for this is the lack of suitable equipment. However, several types of research have proved the fact that thedigitalization of the teaching environment does not automatically bring about the transformation of the education process. Changes primarily depend on the teachers’ attitudes that determine even the issue of what solutions or tools of the digital world they take notice of; it is only these that have the chance to be built into the everyday routine.We examined this field using a research series organized four times since 2006; our primary target group was teachers working at public education institutions of Debrecen. Through the presentation of our research results, I do not only wish to explore the individual features but the mapping of views concerning their colleagues and the educational environment itself.

Author Biography

András Buda

András Buda currently is a lecturer at the Institute of Educational Studies and Cultural Management, University of Debrecen, but has previously taught at the Institute of Maths and Descriptive Geometry too. Within Pedagogy, his professional field is Didactics, including a special research interest in E-learning and the use of information and communication technologies in education. He is involved in several projects as researcher and project director.