European parents for 21st century careers and competences

Eszter Salamon


One of the most delicate parental tasks is to guide your child or children towards further education and possible successful career pathways, avoiding traps such as trying to fulfil your own un-accomplished dreams in your child or following fashionable trends instead of looking for the right pathways. This is an area where parents, their association, teachers, other professionals and other players, especially the media, have a major responsibility to collaborate and thus try to minimise risks and possible harm. Career guidance literally starts in cradle while skills and competences development should continue until the grave for most in today’s and tomorrow’s reality. This paper is aiming at exploring current research evidence, policy recommendations and inspiring practice in Europe and beyond. This is analysed from a rights-based perspective, with equal focus on the rights of the child and rights of parents, based on the work of the European Parents’ Association.

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