Érzés vagy racionális tény? - Az önbizalom, mint a LLL egyik kulcstényezője

Anikó Kálmán, Emőke Nyéki


Nowadays the concept of trust attracts special attention. One of the most common approaches is examining self-confidence alongside human values and competencies.

The study intends to point out the significance of self-confidence with regard to adult efficiency. The hypothesis is that positive self-assurance can essentially influence our achievement and our achievement has an impact on our self-confidence. Self-confidence often has a reflection as a feeling in the consciousness – the study strives to decompose this feeling or emotion into rational, measurable features and show its effect in the reflection of the self-image created by successful top managers and leaders.

The data are from the results of studies collected since 2014 among top managers in the competitive sector during their non-formal? informal adult education. In the evaluation process, Emőke Nyéki’s 8-year-long expertise and knowledge in adult education is completed with her decade-long experience as a leader.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3311/ope.223


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