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The first 2017 English issue of Opus et Education is out now and is available at Devoted to topics of visual learning second time we publish thematic block summarizing the lectures held by young researchers at the international Visual Learning Conference organized in November 2016. In his preface written for this section professor Kristóf Nyíri draws a frame of the works that are all connected to the topic of visual learning but are diverse in terms of their thematic and methodological structure and which are common in having career starter doctoral candidates and young postdoctoral researchers as their authors. This special issue presents five articles as the cross-section of the conference held in Budapest in 2016. The interdisciplinary articles based on theoretical and empirical research of broad sense visual culture.

According to the new doctoral studies, Zsuzsanna Horváth’s paper provides a background setting comprising of elements impacting on the career decision-making landscape. In the changing world of working, many, formerly stable and given conditions and underlying structures came to be either redundant, restructured or otherwise altered which young people have to factor in when making career-related choices and decisions.

In our column titled Projects, we present a complete report on an international life-long learning project „Comparative Studies in Adult Lifelong Learning – COMPALL2”. The author, Balázs Németh reports a strategic partnership in transnational studies in adult and lifelong learning. The aim of this short description is to provide a short insight to a European project trying to develop both studies and research with professional comparative approaches to adult and lifelong learning by addressing some specific issues which influence the quality improvement of adult education provision and learning opportunities for adults.

Finally, let me mention it here that we strive to offer information on new researches and books in each issue. This time we release a review by Adam Tamas Tuboly on a work Angélique Groß: Die Bildpädagogik Otto Neuraths: Methodische Prinzipien der Darstellung von Wissen. Dordrecht: Springer, 2015.

We hope that the Reader will perceive the extension in our thematic fields which also means an increase in size; at the same time, in line with the century-long traditions of the Technical University, our editors remain dedicated to quality and are resolute to fully meet the requirements of scientificity while keeping the basic norms of providing information in evidence. We hope to have more feedbacks from the Readers and will be happy to get proposals in relation to interesting and valuable articles written in English so that our review can become more and more engaged in the international scientific flow of information.

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