Open Content Development Model (OCD)

András Benedek


The research group that, besides experienced and academic researchers, includes practitioners as well as students who are engaged in scientific student work and are attending their engineer and economist teacher evening courses while being present in school practice, was established in 2015 within the framework of the Department of Technical Education and the Teacher Training Centre of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) with the aim to implement a project focused on researching methods supporting learning, and initiated and financed by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS).  Relying on this specific base of researchers and practitioners, our project undertook to develop and introduce new procedures based on the experiences and analysis of the educational methods used by vocational teachers during their work. By presenting the research topic, this paper intends to introduce the process, in this case the open content development and the work done in order to create a new model of this, which allows the active participation of students in research and development as well as the connection of smaller researches into bigger research projects.pen Content Development Model (OCD)

Open Content Development Model (OCD)

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