The development of quality higher education abroad

Enikő Baróti, Attila Mészáros


As well as the success of businesses in the universities are increasingly aware that the key to the future success not only to search for the infrastructure, but also the employees' motivation and support of this, encouraging. It could be said that the teachers are the most important competencies of the quality of a university. Therefore we need to create a supportive environment in which prominent scientists, excellent teachers want to work.
A number of questions arise. There is a need for trained workers in higher education? If so, how can this be done?
Many experts it is still not clear whether the higher education to teach in a specific profession, which can be learned and that the quality does not depend directly proportional to the competence of the instructor. The technical higher education in addition to serious competition from the labor market, a well-paid job with engineering. If we observe that the labor market positions of the workers are increasingly choosing to where their professional development, career support better, it becomes clear that this direction is necessary to open the universities.
In this article is an Anglo-Saxon and one German universities analyzing organizational units I want to introduce you to follow these principles in the development of the teachers deal. The results of the empirical research is a good example of the tasks may intend to renew higher education institutions rethink and expand.

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